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James Scott

How being dyslexic and a Mechanical Engineering PhD Student mix.

ND diagnosis or self-identify as:


Current degree / past qualifications

Mechanical Engineering PhD Student.

If you are looking for past qualifications, Mechanical Engineering (with foundation year) BEng Sussex University and Bioengineering MRes Imperial College
PhD Research Student. My research allows me to explore my interests in 3D printing and how we can 3D print medical implants, such as knee replacements, to help people with a severe joint pain return to an active life. Unlike school and undergraduate degrees, my PhD encourages me to think outside the box. I spend most of my time designing parts to be printed, and testing them until they break. I am constantly learning and aiming to improve the performance of each design.

What were your challenges in school?

At school I struggled with my short term memory, reading and comprehension. I found learning and exams extremely hard, struggling to demonstrate what I had learnt in time pressured exams. I failed and retook many school and university exams. I loved subjects that were practical such as design and technology, but subjects that involved writing notes in a class room or lecture theatre, was extremely hard for me.

What strategies/ assistive technology do you use to help you in your work?

I love to use colour and drawing pictures to help me understand topics. I try to create stories which help me learn by visualising how concepts work.

What ND skills have allowed you to succeed (or progress) in your STEM career?

I very much focus on visual and creative skills, I love designing and inventing new ideas. Bringing to life ideas that start as a sketch on a piece of paper, or through chatting with other people.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t worry about the grades, you’ll get through it. Focus on your passion, and believe in your ability.

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