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William A Richie

“Form a team with others who are good at other aspects of your work”

ND diagnosis or self-identify as:


Job title:

Retired Embryologist

Degree/apprenticeship or route to current job:

PhD, by publication.

What were your challenges in school?

Problems with English and History, I failed them every time, but I loved Biology and Technical subjects, and even won a technical prize.

What strategies/assistive technology do you use to help you in your work?

I excelled at practical tasks so concentrated on these during my working career.

What ND skills have allowed you to succeed (or progress) in your STEM career?

I could always think out of the box and could find more innovative ways to do complex tasks in embryology.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Form a team with others who are good at other aspects of your work.

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